Master Jang

Master D.K. Jang

Master D.K. Jang, holder of innumerable martial arts titles and awards, including the World Tang Soo Do ® Middleweight Championship, draws upon over 30 years of dedicated study to make Jang’s Karate Center the exceptional studio that it is today. He is not only a Master practitioner of martial arts, but he is also a Master Instructor with a unique and inspirational teaching style that combines humor, wisdom and clear explanation of techniques.

“Master Jang has an amazing ability to demonstrate and break down techniques in such a way that anyone can understand not only how to perform the technique, but also how and when to use the technique. Plus, he makes learning fun!” – Masen Yaffee, student

“My goal is to share our art in a way that not only helps students realize their mental and physical strength, but also enhances their professional, academic, social and personal growth.”
– Master D.K. Jang

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